How does ‘no win no fee’ work?

‘No win no fee’ means that you don’t have to pay anything upfront or if your claim is unsuccessful. If your claim is successful your solicitor will take a percentage share of your compensation to cover the costs of your claim. The claimant usually receives 75-80% of the payout.

When we take a case on it is in our interest to ensure every detail of the claim is managed accurately, efficiently and honestly. We have to ensure that your credibility is never in doubt.

In April 2013 the laws around accident claims changed. Solicitors can no longer take a high fixed fee of £2,000 no matter what your payout. Now, together with a small fixed fee of £400, solicitors can charge a percentage of your payout. At the same time payouts for personal injury have significantly increased. These new laws protect claimants. It is much fairer because solicitors only get a percentage of the outcome of the claim. This means that the better the claim is handled, the better the compensation, and the better it is for everyone.

Therefore it is in the interest of claimants and solicitors to partner with a knowledgeable accident claim management company like Accident Specialists who can get you up to a 60% higher return on an accident claim.

When your claim is successful as a result of all our advice and free upfront work, the funds are released to the solicitors. They keep their percentage share and Accident Specialists receive a recommendation fee from the the solicitors. The claimant usually receives 75-80% of the payout.

Why work with a claims management service like Accident Specialists instead of my insurer or a solicitor?

When you have an accident we have all been taught to call our insurance company straight away. The problem is they will use their own medical expert and Solicitor and will not have your interest in mind.  An insurer will always want to minimise what they have to pay out in a claim. In addition, a solicitor is not legally allowed to advise you in any way. When you use an insurance company or solicitor, you have to manage the paperwork, the medical and the phone calls on your own. Without the knowledge required to navigate the complexities of accident claims, you are likely to get stuck arguing your case for long periods of time, get a poor payout, lose your no claims bonus, increase your premiums and get frustrated with the time consuming process.

In contrast, if you come to Accident Specialists, due to our in-depth knowledge of the law and our supportive guidance, we can get you up to a 60% higher return on your claim. When you work with a claims company like Accident Specialists, it is in our interest to ensure you get the highest possible payout as quickly as possible. We will provide our expertise and manage the entire claim for you. We will spend time advising you on what we need to do together to get the highest possible payout as quickly as possible.  We also provide additional free benefits like transport, like for like vehicle hire, translation services and whatever you need to be able to get back to business as usual.

What if I, or the person that caused the accident is not insured?

Even if you or they do not have insurance there is still a claim if there has been an accident. Accident Specialists can make a claim through the Government run Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) who are still able to pay out on damages when you or the third party does not have insurance. For vehicle accidents, as long as the vehicle registration is correct for the third party and we can trace the vehicle we can take this claim forward on your behalf.

Can I make a claim?

If you've been injured in an accident in the last 3 years, you may be entitled to compensation. If there is any possibility that someone else was at fault, either because of something that they did, or that they should have done, you may be able to claim. We help those who've suffered an injury through no fault of their own claim the compensation they deserve. We've helped many thousands of people successfully claim for many different types of accidents and injuries. We offer a free assessment of your claim with no obligation to proceed.

What can I claim for?

A compensation claim can be made for pain and suffering, loss of income, damaged possessions and any other financial losses incurred because of the accident. Your solicitor may be able to arrange for you to have an interim payment if required. Our specialist solicitors may also be able to arrange for you to have private medical treatment to help you on the road to recovery, at no cost to you.

What types of accident claims do you deal with?

We deal with many different types of personal injury claims, including accidents at work, road traffic accidents, slip and trip accidents and many more. Whatever the cause of your injury, we will put you in touch with one of our specialist solicitors who are experienced in accidents like yours.

How much compensation could I receive?

Every personal injury claim is different and the amount of compensation awarded depends on a number of factors. In addition to compensation for personal injury, a claim can also be made for loss of earnings and any other financial losses and expenses incurred due to the accident. Every claim is individual and further advice will be available once we have had a chance to consider your claim. In general:


Arm Injuries

  • Serious fractures to the arm, resulting in permanent disability: up to £38,250
  • Serious fractures to the arm, leading to minor disability: up to £25,000
  • Minor injuries to the arm/ fracture to the forearm: up to £12,250

Ear Injuries

  • Total Deafness: up to £70,000
  • Loss of hearing in one ear: up to £29,000
  • Partial hearing loss/severe tinnitus: up to £29,000
  • Partial hearing loss/moderate tinnitus: up to £29,000
  • Mild tinnitus: up to £9,500
  • Slight hearing loss/impairment: up to £8,000

Hand Injuries

  • Loss or amputation of the thumb: up to £35,000
  • Minor fractures or crush injuries to the hands: up to £18,500
  • Serious injuries to the ring/middle finger: up to £15,750
  • Severe dislocation of the thumb: up to £4,300
  • Loss of part of the little finger: up to £3,750
  • Fracture of one finger: up to £3,000
  • Minor Injuries to the thumb: up to £2,500

Head Injuries

  • Very severe brain damage: up to £257,750
  • Moderately severe brain injury: up to £180,000
  • Epilepsy: up to £96,000
  • Minor Brain Damage: up to £27,500
  • Minor Head Injury: up to £8,100

Wrist Injuries

  • Severe injuries to the wrist resulting in permanent disability: up to £38,250
  • Less severe injuries where there is persisting pain and stiffness: up to £15,750
  • Uncomplicated fracture to the wrist: up to £4,750

Leg Injuries

  • Severe fractures to leg bones with incomplete recovery: up to £17,750
  • Simple fracture to the femur: up to £9,000
  • Simple fractures and soft tissue injuries to the legs: up to £5,750

Foot Injuries

  • Severe fractures of both heels: up to £43,000
  • Serious foot injuries: up to £25,000
  • Amputation of the big toe: up to £20,000
  • Moderate foot injuries or simple metatarsal fractures: up to £6,150

Who will deal with my case?

At Accident Specialists we only appoint reputable firms of specialist personal injury solicitors who are regulated by the Law Society and who each have a minimum professional indemnity insurance cover of £2,000,000. All firms are members of the Law Society's Personal Injury Panel and/or the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers so they are experts at dealing with this type of case.

How long will it take?

We always try to deal with every claim as quickly as possible but every case is different and some will take longer than others. As a general rule claims of less than £5,000 are usually settled within 6 months,with injuries resulting from road traffic accidents being settled normally within 6 months. Claims between £5,000 - £15,000 take between 6-12 months, and claims above £15,000 are likely to take longer.

Will I need to attend any meetings?

Usually everything can be dealt with by telephone and/or through the post so you should not have to attend any meetings. This also means that we can appoint the very best firms of personal injury solicitors throughout the UK to handle your case even if they are nowhere near where you live.

You will however be required to attend a medical examination and we will arrange this for you with an expert within your locality.The examination usually lasts about 30 minutes.

If I decide to proceed what happens next?

Within 24 hours of us receiving your instructions either online or by phone someone will contact you to discuss the matter and if necessary obtain further information. Based upon all of your details we will arrange for a reputable firm of specialist solicitors who we believe to be the most appropriate for you to assess the circumstances surrounding your injury with a view to them allocating one of their expert specialist personal injury solicitors to handle your claim. You will then deal directly with those lawyers until the claim has been concluded and you have received an appropriate level of compensation.

I am halfway through a claim, can I transfer it to you? 

If you are halfway through a claim and are not satisfied with the service you are getting, we can help you transfer your claim so it can be managed by Accident Specialists. Depending on the circumstances, we can do this as long as it is a non fault accident, you have not gone for your medical assessment and the first stage cost has not been paid to the Solicitor.