Five reasons to choose Accident Specialists as your accident claims management company

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Accident Specialists is an accident claims management company with over 10 years of experience. We specialise in handling no win no fee accident claims for people from all communities across the UK. We are a nationwide company, working on accident claims across the UK. We currently have branches in Peterborough, Nottingham, London and Corby.

We can help you with the majority of accident claims including claims for a car accident (RTA’s or Road Traffic Accidents) or an accident at work. The main differences between how we handle accident claims and how an insurance company handles accident claims are the compensation levels and customer service.


1. Higher compensation levels for accident claims

Due to our panel of independent solicitors, engineers and medical agencies we are usually able to get you up to 60% more in compensation.

2. Proven customer service in how we handle accident claims

Our main goal is to provide the best possible service. We spend time with each and every client, treating them as individuals. In comparison insurance companies are are dealing with 1000s of accident claims and clients each day and your experience with them is likely to be totally different.

3. Easy access to accident claims information

We appreciate that you are busy and that an update on your claim needs to be easily accessible. You can ask for an update at any time during office hours and you can also ring our 24/7 helpline for an answer to any kind of query. Another option is to visit our website where you can go through our Frequently Asked Question or read the Accident Specialists blog for tips and advice.

4. Multi lingual accident claims account handlers

We have staff speaking a wide range of languages. This ensures we can provide the same level of accident claims services to all our clients regardless of what language they speak. We speak English, Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian and Urdu. We are confident that no other accident claims company can offer you this service. They can offer you a translator, but in a long run, speaking to a different person each time is not the same as having your own personal accident claims handler who speaks your language.

5. Accident claims video blog series

Finally, to take our customer service levels to an even higher level, from now on we are launching the Accident Specialists’ Video Blog series which will be available in different languages.  Every other week you can expect new video related to accident claims hints and tips to go live on our website and YouTube channel. Once again, that is totally unique in UK market.


If this is still not convincing enough for you, take a look at what people have said about us. We look forward to working with you so contact us today!