Accident Specialists Blog

                        This is a quick explanation of who we are and what we do. 

Accident Specialists is a claims management company with over 13 years of experience on managing RTA (road traffic accidents), accidents at work and medical negligence.

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Over the years we have realised that there are only few sources of information for people who are interesting in claim process. To make it easier we have decided to start our own Accident Specialists blog. As an experienced business owner I know what sort of information my clients were looking for, and how to say it making sure it is easy to understand.   


We are aiming to create a good source of information by gathering all updates and changes in claims regulations, explaining clearly and deeply all aspects of making a claim. I will try to use a simple casual language, so it will not be as difficult as reading a specialists press but I will keep the quality up to standard.


Hopefully this blog will be a source of answers for your questions and solutions to the problems that may occur with claim process.