Whiplash as a common accident injury.

Whiplash is one of the most common injury in all kind of traffic accidents. Whiplash as an injury was usually linked to train collisions, mainly because in 1920’s the amount of vehicles on roads was very limited. Trains were key type of transport of cargo as well as people. First case of whiplash injury was officially reported in 1919 after train collision.


Common symptoms of whiplash are neck and back pain; it can be lower back as well as upper (depending on position in vehicle during the accident); pins and needles and headaches. Whiplash symptoms can appear after the accidents or in next few days. That is one of the reasons why whiplash is difficult to diagnosis and simply ignored by RTA victims. People are usually feeling fine after the accident but after few days they start to feel a pain (usually in morning or late evening), having a sleep disorder or just start to feel unwell. Those are the symptoms of whiplash and they can not be ignored.


Whiplash needs to be treated to avoid “chronic whiplash symptom”. Best forms of treatments are rest and massages.

Because of nature of injury people involved in accident should not go to school/work after the accident even if they can not feel any symptoms yet; we usually advise our clients to take 3 days off their main duties and after those 3 days going back to work/school or continuing the treatment.


It is very important to treat the whiplash injury because it can lead to chronic whiplash syndrome that needs to be treated by specialist physiotherapist. Recovery process from chronic whiplash is much longer than getting recovered from treated whiplash.


Whiplash injuries are covered by motor insurance policies, so if you were involved in accident, you need to get yourself seen by doctor and have a few days rest. Untreated whiplash symptoms can stay for over 12 months. Also you may be entitled to compensation as whiplash is real injury. In UK insurance companies are dealing with over 400,000 cases each year.


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