Making a compensation claim chapter 1

In United Kingdom RTA is most common type of accident. Number of road traffic accidents is constantly increasing; as well as number of cars registered. Good news is the fact that people involved in RTA’s are facing lower injuries, mainly because cars are equipped in new safety technologies. Cars are getting safer and safer but it’s not possible to reduce injuries to 0; people are still going to be hurt in accidents.

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 According to UK law people involved in Road Traffic Accidents can make a compensation claim if they were not responsible for the accident. Process of making a claim is complicated and time consuming; that is why we can see constant growth in claims management market. Number of claims management companies still rises, but not all companies are dealing with claims on a professional level. Key factors in managing claim are knowledge and experience.


The whole process of making a compensation claim can be divided into a few points which I will describe in this post.


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One of most important information required for making a claim is Third Party registration number; Third party is a person who caused the accident. Registration number lets insurance company track personal details of person responsible for causing the accident.


You need to report your accident with 3rd party registration number to your insurance company; after that you should start to look for engineer who will inspect your car and describe and value damages. Engineer will calculate costs of repairs required to get your vehicle back to a pre-accident state.


It is very important to use qualified engineer because Engineer Report is key document in making a Vehicle Damages claim. We can see large amount of companies offering that kind of service but the main issue with most of those companies is lack of experience in making that kind of reports. It is very important to value damages correctly because insurance companies will not accept amended report.

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Cost of making engineer reports varies between £120 and £200 and this cost can be recovered.


After finding and engineer you will need to find yourself an alternative transport or courtesy car. Insurance companies are not paying out in advance so your vehicle will be off road for at least 2-3 weeks.

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Once you get engineer report, you need to forward it to the insurance company and then chase them up on regular basis (insurance companies are not working for the client, those companies are working towards shareholders targets).


So far we went through about 30% of all work required to make a compensation claim. This shows how complicated the process is so in next post I will write more about next steps.

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